Massimiliano Mariotta

Chef Massimiliano Mariotta began his culinary career at age 14 in Ticino, the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. Learning local Ticino recipes, produce and products from his Mother combined with spending time in the Florentine markets as a young boy with his Italian Grandfather sparked a natural curiosity to look beyond the classic and traditional methods.

Traveling, experiencing different cultures and ultimately incorporating a variety of culinary traditions and techniques into his “Canovaccio” cuisine is an integral part of Chef Mariotta’s methods. While his products remain local, his presentation reflects his innovative style. In recent years, he has shared his extensive European wine, Italian truffle and Ticino cuisine expertise with some of the best chefs and guests in the United States, China, Italy, Spain, England, and the German speaking region of Switzerland. Each experience has broadened his culinary horizon and inspired new creations.

Speaking five languages fluently and having opened six restaurants since 1993, Chef Mariotta has a talent for connecting with his guests. He is known for his natural ability to share his optimistic, creative and courageous outlook on life and inspire all those around him, at the very least to enjoy a good meal or try something new.

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